Status of  Farm Mechanization in India





Agro-Ecological Zones, their Soil Resource and Cropping Systems 

             K.S. Gajbhiye and C. Mandal

Cropping Pattern (Agricultural and Horticultural) in Different Zones, their Average Yields in Comparison to National average/Critical Gaps/Reasons Identified and Yield Potential

             P. Das

Scope, Progress and Constraints of Farm Mechanization in India

              Joginder Singh

Farm Power Sources, their Availability and Future Requirements to Sustain Agricultural Production

            N.S.L. Srivastava  

Present Status and Future Requirement of Farm Equipment for Crop Production

             M.M. Pandey     

Agro-Processing Industries in India--Growth, Status and Prospects

             R.P. Kachru

Custom Hiring of Agricultural Machinery and its Future Scope

            V.K. Sharma, Kulvinder Singh and B.S. Panesar

Impact of Agricultural Mechanization on Production, Productivity, Cropping Intensity Income Generation and Employment of Labour

          S.R. Verma

Agricultural Machinery Industry in India (Manufacturing, marketing and mechanization promotion)

      Gyanendra Singh

Future Requirements of Agricultural Machines for Mechanizing Agriculture

            Anwar Alam