Question: : What is meant by regional portals and how many are developed?
Answer: :

The regional portals are being developed with the help of NIC at State Hqrs. of respective states to facilitate dissemination of market information in regional languages for the benefit of farmers.As on 31 March 2013, 16 State level portals are operational.

Question: : What is the impact of Agmarknet Portal?
Answer: :

The portal is considered as an important flagship of the Government of India Schemes and efforts are afoot to make it of real use/service to the farmers. About 2100 markets are reporting data every month.Nokia, BITCOE, IKSL , a Cooperative Sector company, has been involved in disseminating the price information to a large network of farmers cooperatives, Public sector banks, commodity exchanges, news papers, etc. are using the site for publishing the data on prices of agricultural commodities ap

Question: : What are the other information that can be accessed from Agmarknet?
Answer: :

The portal provides information on commodity profiles, reports of important research studies, CODEX Standards of agricultural commodities, markets profile, etc. E-mail addresses of the agencies involved in agricultural marketing sector are progressively being published for public access for facilitating direct interaction.

Question: : Who are the main users of Agmarknet Website?
Answer: :

The main users of Agmarknet website are Farmers , traders, Reseach Institue, exporters, Commodity Boards/Various Government Departments, ECO-STAT. The linkages are also provided to Kisan, Krishi World, Indian Agro-net, Agriwatch, Indian Dairy Industry, Agro-India, Forwards Markets Commission, National Multi Exchange of India Limited and NCDEX through the portal to form a close user-group.

Question: : Is there any linkages of other organizations with this website?
Answer: :

Yes, CODEX, FAO,APEDA, Trade Online, Commodities Exchanges like NCDEX, NMCE, and other related marketing organizations/Institutions are linked with this website.

Question: : How many markets have been covered so far under this project?
Answer: :

So far 3308 markets across the country have been covered under the project as on 31 March 2013.

Question: : What is the method of collection and dissemination of data?
Answer: :

The portal is run by the Directorate of Marketing & Inspection with the technical assistance of NIC as consultant on Turn-key basis. The computer facility has been provided at different markets at grassroot level and connected to internet with DMI Hqrs. The Agriculture Produce Markets enters the data in the prescribed format, using the customized application software “Agmark”. The information is either sent through State Government or directly to DMI Hqrs. Faridabad. From Faridabad it is uploade

Question: : What types of daily data are disseminated to the Portal?
Answer: :

The portal provides easy access to commodity-wise, variety-wise daily prices and arrivals information of more than 2000 varieties and about 300 commodities from the wholesale markets spread all over the country. Prices and arrivals trend reports for important commodities, futures prices from Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited and NCDEX are being reported online on the portal.

Question: : What are the contents of Agmarknet Portal?
Answer: :

The Portal provides both static and dynamic information relating to agricultural marketing in India . The static information is about infrastructure- related (Storage, warehousing, Cold Storage, grading and packing facilities), Market – related (market fee/ charges, weighment, handling, market functionaries, development programmes, market laws, composition of market Committees, income and expenditure, etc) and Promotion-related information (Standards, Grades, Labelling, Sanitary and Phyto-Sanita

Question: : What is Agmarknet portal about?
Answer: :

Agmarknet portal is a govt. of India portal on agricultural marketing backed by a wide area information network connecting agricultural markets, State Marketing boards/Directorates and also providing linkages to the websites of the important National and International Organisations.


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