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Integrated Nutrient Management

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Establishment of soil testing projects at village level under soil health management scheme of NMSA Download (293.09 KB) pdf
Mission Organic Value Chain Development for North Eastern Region a Sub-Mission under National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA) Download (899.48 KB) pdf
Updated Operational Guidelines of Soil Health Management component of NMSA Download (1.96 MB) pdf
Revised Guideline of PKVY as per 10th December 2015 Download (329.03 KB) pdf
Operational Guidelines for Implementation of Centrally Sponshered Scheme,Soil Health Card Download (456.33 KB) pdf
Guidelines on National Project on Management of Soil Health & Fertility Download (851.61 KB) pdf
Guidelines on National Project on Organic Farming Download (217.2 KB) pdf
Guidelines of National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture(NMSA) for XII Plan Period Download (1.24 MB) pdf
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