“Promotion and Strengthening of Agricultural Mechanization through Training, Testing & Demonstration”



Central Sector Scheme



The scheme is implemented through four Farm Machinery Training and Testing Institutes located at Budni(M.P), Hissar(Haryana), Garladinne(A.P), and Biswanath Chariali (Assam) and the Department of Agriculture and Cooperation have the following broad objectives :


i)                  Organize training for trainers, officials from State Governments and farmers etc. in the selection, operation,   maintenance/repairs of specialised and other such equipments, energy conservation, scheduling and management of various agricultural implements and machinery, and


ii)                 Assess suitability of machines to Indian conditions, educating the clientele on comparative performance of various machines, providing data and material to extension workers for guiding farmers, helping financial institutions in more effectively financing their schemes of assistance for procurement of machinery, and


iii)               To demonstrate new and technologically advanced equipments at farmers field for induction of new technology in agricultural production system, and


iv)               To avail of the services of the Engineering faculty of the State Agricultural Universities, Agricultural Engineering Colleges, Polytechnic etc. identified by the State Governments for undertaking training programmes specially for the benefits of the farmers through outsourcing.



Salient Features

i)                    Offering need based skill oriented training in agricultural machinery and farm mechanization to farmers, trainers, rural youth, technicians, etc.


ii)                   Testing of machines with a view to ascertaining their performance characteristics  and suggesting  improvement thereon for their quality upgradation.


iii)                 Demonstration of equipment with a view to increase productivity, production and profitability of farmers by the way of induction of new technology in the agricultural production system.


iv)                 For enhancing trained manpower through outsourcing of training by the identified Institutions of the State Governments.


Pattern of Assistance

100 % centrally funded



i)                 Training programmes are conducted by the four FMT&TIs for the benefit of farmers, officers from State Govts./organizations, extension workers, retired/retiring service personnel, technicians, rural youth and candidates sponsored by agricultural machinery industry.  The beneficiaries other than farmers have to pay nominal training fee fixed by the Government.  The farmers are paid stipend of Rs.600/- per month over and above to and fro travel expenses by road/lowest class in railways. 


ii)               The manufacturer/importers/Research Institutions of ICAR and State Governments can submit any type of agricultural equipment/machines(s) for test at the FMT&TIs designated for testing of these machines/ equipment. The applicants other than Research Institutions and State Governments have to pay testing fee as fixed by the Government.


iii)              For demonstrations of new and technologically advanced equipments at farmers’ field, assistance is provided to State Governments, State/Central Government organizations 100% grant-in-aid is provided for procurement and demonstration of identified equipment.  All farmers can participate in demonstration in their areas of demonstration.


iv)             For outsourcing of training through identified Institutions by the State Governments.  Farmers of respective State are eligible.  The grant @ Rs.2500/- per farmer per month duration of training is given by the Government of India.  No fee is charged rather the farmers are to be given stipend @ Rs.600/- per month of training or part of there of apart from to and fro expenses by road/lowest class in railways.



Procedure to apply

i)              Application in prescribed format are to be sent to the Directors of respective Institutes for training programmes conducted by the Budni(M.P), Hissar(Haryana), Garladinne(A.P), and Biswanath Chariali (Assam) FMT&TIs.


ii)             For testing of agricultural machines/equipment the applicant are to submit the request in writing to the Director of the FMT&TI designated to test these machinery/equipment(s).


iii)           For demonstrations of new/improved equipment proposals are invited from the implementing agencies viz State Governments/UTs, State/Central Government organizations.



iv)           For taking up the training of the farmers through outsourcing, the proposals are invited from the State Governments for training through institutions i.e. Agricultural Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics which have adequate infrastructure for conducting such training programmes.  These identified institutes shall make public the training programmes for the benefit of the farmers of the State.


Person to be contacted

A.                             For any information about the scheme


Deputy Commissioner (Machinery)

Department of Agriculture & Cooperation

Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi.

Ph. No.                      Office : 23382922


B.                             For Training and testing activities specifically


 i)  The Director,                                                          Central Farm Machinery Training and Testing Institute Budni, Madhya Pradesh.                                               Ph : 07564-234729                                               Website : www.dacnet.nic.in/cfmtti                        email : fmti-mp@nic.in


ii)   The Director                                                       Northern Region Farm Machinery Training & Testing  Institute

      Tractor Nagar,

      Hissar- 125001 (Haryana)

      Ph : 01662-276984

      Website : www.dacnet.nic.in/nrfmtti

      email : fmti-nr@nic.in


iii) The Director,                                                           Southern Region Farm Machinery Training and Testing Institute

      Anantpur (Andhra Pradesh)

      Ph : 08551-286441

     Website : www.dacnet.nic.in/srfmtti

      email : fmti-sr@nic.in


iv)  The Director,

      North Eastern Region Farm Machinery Training and Testing Institute,

      Sonitpur, Biswanath Chariali (Assam) – 784176.

      Ph. 03715-222942.

             Website : www.dacnet.nic.in/nefmtti

             email : fmti-ner@nic.in


C.     Outsourcing of Training and Demonstration of new Technology equipment

Director (Agriculture) of respective State.


Date of Start/Duration

FMT&TI, Budni (M.P) – 1955

FMT&TI, Hissar (Haryana) – 1963

FMT&TI, Garladinne (A.P) – 1983

FMT&TI, Biswanath Chariali (Assam) – 1990

Refer Annual Training Calendar(s) released by the FMT&TIs.

Demonstration of new equipments at

farmers field  – 1999-2000

Outsourcing of Training of farmers – 2004-05


Programme of Demonstration released by the respective Director (Agriculture).

Implementation Status

For the current year, the Budget allocation is Rs.10.00 crore for strengthening the four FMT&TIs, conducting demonstration at farmers’ fields and outsourcing of training to the farmers.



Progress of Expenditure





Rs. 373.00 lakh

Rs.237.00 lakh


Rs.390.00 lakh

Rs.319.34 lakh


Rs. 800.00 lakh

Rs.592.58 lakh


Rs.1000.00 lakhs

Rs.772.43 lakh (up to Dec.,05)

Additional Information

The outlay for this scheme for the Tenth Five Year Plan is Rs.25.00 crore