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National Agriculture Market (NAM) through Agri-Tech Infrastructure Fund (ATIF) Download (149.61 KB) pdf
Central Sector Schemes (Integrated Scheme for Agricultural Marketing(ISAM)(Effective Since 01.04.2014) Download (1.04 MB) pdf
Central Sector Schemes (Rural Godown Schemes(RGS)/Grammin Bhandaran Yojana(GBY)(Effective till 31.03.2014) Link
Central Sector Schemes (Strengthening / Developement of Agricultural Marketing Infrastructure, Grading & Standardisation(AMIGS)(Effective till 31.03.2014) Link
Central Sector Schemes (National Agricultural Market Atlas) Link
Central Sector Schemes (Terminal Market Complex) Download (424.74 KB) pdf
Programmes (Grading And Standardisation of Agricultural and Allied Produce) Link
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