Recent Initiatives

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Check Your 7th CPC Pension Revision Status. Link
Comments on proposed Pesticide Management Bill -2017 from stakeholders -reg. Download (1.3 MB) pdf
Minutes of the stakeholders meeting dated 11.01.2018 on Pesticide management Bill Download (335.12 KB) pdf
Blacklisting of CARETEL Download (917.19 KB) pdf
Registration for National Conference on Agriculture - 2022 Link
Agriculture Grand Challenge - Inviting Start-ups to participate. Link
Model Contract Farming Act 2018 - for public consultation. Download (656.18 KB) pdf
Revised Guidelines for Outsourcing of Soil Samples Analysis under SHC Scheme. Download (108.25 KB) pdf
Re-deployment of Surplus employees of erstwhile NOVOD Board in autonomous Institutions/Organisations under the administrative control of the DAC&FW-regarding. Download (455.59 KB) pdf
Minimum Support Price(MSP) and bonus for Rabi Crops of 2017-18 Season to be marketed in 2018-19. Download (494.69 KB) pdf, Download (466 KB) pdf


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