Recent Initiatives

Title Details
Revamping ATMA-Zaid Conf-Jan 2020-FINAL Download (377.57 KB) pdf
Innovative Technologies and Technology-ICAR Download (8.06 MB) pdf
Impact of Horticulture Mission,MIDH PPT 16-1-2020_Hort. Comm_MIDH.pptx
Supply-chain: Linking Farmers to Markets, 17th January 2020 Download (5.03 MB) pdf
National Conference on Agriculture for Zaid/Summer Campaign 2020 Download (4.38 MB) pdf
Final programme of National Conference of Zaid Agriculture Campaign and Horticulture -2020 Download (262.17 KB) pdf
National Conference on Zaid Agriculture Campaign and Horticulture - 2020, 17th January, 2020. Download (1.93 MB) pdf
Finalization of Action Plan for 24 Drought Prone Districts. Download (341.41 KB) pdf


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