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Sl. No Title of Presentation Details Presenter Organization Published Date
1 Overview of ICT Initiatives in Agriculture Download (2.88 MB) pptx Sh. Sanjeev Gupta, JS (IT) DAC 03rd August, 2016
2 USSD Applications in Agriculture Download (946.87 KB) pptx Sh. Rajesh Gera, DDG NIC, Delhi 19th June, 2014
3 Farm Crop Management System (FCMS), Crop Doctor and other Tamil Nadu Initiatives Download (1.38 MB) pdf Sh. Sandeep Saxena, APC Tamil Nadu 30th June, 2014
4 E-Parwana – Licensing Application Download (5.97 MB) ppt Shri Kailash NIC, Pune 03rd August, 2016
5 Soil Testing Application Download (2.94 MB) ppt Sh. Amit Majumdar NIC, Kolkata 03rd August, 2016
6 Farm Machinery Delivery System & e-Jal-nidhi application in Odisha Download (561.63 KB) pptx Ms. Sarita Sahoo NIC, Bhubneshwar 03rd August, 2016
7 Micro Irrigation Management in Karnataka Sh. Kartikeyan NIC, Bengaluru 03rd August, 2016
8 GIS Applications in Agriculture Download (11.24 MB) pdf Sh. Vishnu Chandra NIC, Delhi 20th June, 2014
9 Use of Satellite Technology – BHUVAN in Agriculture – particularly Drought Management Download (15.05 MB) pptx Sh. Murthy NRSC 03rd August, 2016
10 Managing Micro Irrigation Programme in Gujarat by Gujarat Green Revolution Company Download (2.87 MB) ppt Sh. J.G. Simon GGRC 03rd August, 2016


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