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Working Group Recommendations

Sl. No Title of Presentation Details Presenter Published Date
1 Licensing Applications Download (47.82 KB) pptx Sh. Kailash, NIC, Pune 03rd August, 2016
2 Soil Health Management & STCR Applications Download (176.5 KB) ppt Sh. Amit Majumdar, NIC, Kolkata & Sh. Deepak Dey, IISS 03rd August, 2016
3 Seed Availability Application, On-farm Machinery Application, Fertilizer Quality Control Application Download (176.5 KB) ppt 03rd August, 2016
4 Farmers Portal & SMS Portal Download (67.48 KB) pptx Dr. Shakeel Ahmed, JS, DAC 03rd August, 2016
5 Drought Relief and Management, Forecasted Weather and Agromet Advisory and Marketing Information Application Download (3.58 MB) pptx Sh. Murthy,NRSC, Sh. Vishnu Chandra, DDG, NIC & Sh. Rajesh Srivastava, TD, NIC. 03rd August, 2016
6 Extension and Training Application in Agriculture Download (82.87 KB) pptx Dr. V.P. Sharma, MANAGE, Hyderabad 03rd August, 2016
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