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  • Overview

    Information Technology Overview

    Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare aims to improve awareness and knowledge efficiency of farmers. A comprehensive ICT strategy has, therefore, been developed not only to reach out to farmers in an easy and better way but also for planning and monitoring of schemes so that policy decisions can be taken at a faster pace and farmers can be benefited quickly. To empower different sections of rural areas, different ICT strategies have been devised:

    a). Those who have access to digital infrastructure can get the information through websites/web portals.

    b). Those who have smart phones can access the same information through mobile apps.

    c). Those who have basic phones, can get this information through SMS advisories sent by experts.

    d). To get the personalized information; farmers can call at the toll free number of Kisan Call Centre – 18001801551.

  • Programmes & Schemes

    National e-Governance Plan in Agriculture (NeGPA)

    National e-Governance Plan in Agriculture (NeGPA) was initially launched in seven selected States namely, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, in the last quarter of 2010-11. This Scheme has subsequently extended in 2nd Phase to cover all the States and 2 UTs from 2014-15. NeGPA aims to achieve rapid development in India through use of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) for timely access to agriculture related information for the farmers.
    During Phase I of the scheme, the hardware were centrally procured and distributed to all the 7 pilot states. Under NeGPA (Phase II), funds were being released to States till 2019-20 for preparation of sites, training sites, procurement of Hardware, State Project Monitoring Units, data Digitization, connectivity upto Block Level, dissemination of agriculture related information through ICT means. Under the scheme, funding pattern between the Centre and the State is 90:10 for North Eastern States and Himalayan states, 60:40 for other States and 100:0 for UTs.
    Further, the Committee on Doubling Farmers’ Income in its report appreciated the role of Digital Technology, which can play a transformational role in modernizing and organizing how rural India performs its agricultural activities. The possible components for modern management of agriculture are i) Remote Sensing; ii) Geographical Information System; iii) Data Analytics; iv) Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and v) Internet of Things. As per DFI

    To start with, for incorporating recommendations made by the DFI Committee about use of AI & ML, Big Data Analysis, Internet of Things etc. in agriculture, NeGPA guidelines have been revised in June 2020. Under the revised NeGPA guidelines, funds from 2020-21 will be released to the States/UTs only for the projects involving use of modern information technologies such as such as Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Block Chain Technology, Internet of Things, Robotics etc., and for customization / shifting of web & mobile applications already developed by the States, to the platform to be developed using digital technologies mentioned above.

    As a part of NeGP-A initiative, the Department has developed one Stop Window-Farmers Portal ( for dissemination of information on various agricultural related matter including, seeds variety, Storage Godown, Pests and plant diseases, Best Agricultural Practices, Watershed, Mandi details etc.

    The Department has also developed and made functional SMS/mKisan Portal ( for sending advisories on various crop related matters to the registered farmers through SMSs. Mobile telephony has transformed the tenor of farmers life also. In mkisanmore than 5 crores farmers are registered for receiving crop advisories through SMS.

    Various mobile applications including KisanSuvidha have also been developed to facilitate dissemination of information to farmers on the critical parameters viz., Weather, Market Prices, Plant Protection, Agro-advisory, Extreme Weather Alerts, Input Dealers ( of Seed, Pesticide, Fertilizer, Farm Machinery), Soil Health Card, Cold Storage &Godowns, Soil Testing Laboratories and Veterinary Centre & Diagnostic labs, Crop Insurance Premium Calculator and the Government schemes This app launched in 2016, has more than 13 lakh downloads.

    2.Strengthening/Promoting Agricultural Information System (AGRISNET)
    Strengthening/Promoting Agricultural Information System (AGRISNET)is the scheme for strengthening of IT infrastructure of the Department and its offices. Fund allocated under the scheme is also utilized for making payment to the vendor for sending SMS through mkisan portal,

  • ICT (including NeGP-A) Guidelines

    ICT (including NeGP-A) Guidelines
    Revised SMS Policy July 2020
    Revised NeGPA guidelines dated 2.6.2020
    Revised Guidelines(Consolidated)
  • Attached Offices

    Mahalanobis National Crop Forecast Centre
  • Contact Details

    Contact Details of Officers of Information Technology Division are as under:
    Joint Secretary Sh. Vivek Aggarwal 011-23381176
    Director Shri Vijay Rajmohan 2338 6681
    Under Decretary Shri Rakesh Singh Nayal 011-23382926
    Section Officer Shri Chandan Kumar 011-23073654
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