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International case study on innovation in farm mechanization by Dr. jens oeding Download (6.94 MB) pptx
Innovations in agriculture Mechanization with Public private partnership by k.K. Singh Download (24.16 MB) pptx
Grassroots technologies innovations promotions and startup by prof Anil K Gupta. Download (2.88 MB) pdf
Trends of Innovation in agriculture Mechanization by dr. C.R. Mehta Download (9.85 MB) pptx
Transfer of technology from lab to commercial manufacturing by tapan kumar khura. Download (2.57 MB) pptx
Accelerating agriculture productivity in india- issues and Opportunities by T.R. kesvan Download (4.42 MB) pptx
Overviews of agreements in R&D and technology transfer by dr.Ravinderjit Singh Download (3.16 MB) pdf
Newly developed equipments and machines at dr.B.S. konkan by Dr.P.U. Shahare. Download (5.23 MB) pdf
Innovations in post harvest technology for processing and value addition of food crops for sustainable livelihood by dr. Sandeep Mann Download (37.32 MB) pptx
Innovation of farm mechanization from MPUAT,Udaipur,AICRP ON FIM, MPUAT, UDAIPUR By Dr.Y.C. Bhatt Download (18.83 MB) pptx


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