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India Minimum Seed Certification Standards : For Comments / Suggestions from various Stack Holder Download (2.34 MB) pdf
Potato Allocation for Rabi 2013-14 Download (8.08 KB) pdf
Final breeder seed indent for kharif-2014 Download (20.27 KB) pdf
Requirement&Availability of Certified/ Quality Seed For Kharif-2013 Download (165.41 KB) pdf
Calendar of Operation for Breeder Seed Download (37.5 KB) doc
Annual Report of PPV & FRA (English) / (Hindi) Download (26.02 MB) pdf
Govt. Review on PPV & FRA Download (3.03 MB) PDF
Physical Targets of Certified Seeds in Seed Bank during 2012-13 Download (86.91 KB) pdf
Details of Tissue culture labs Download (57.05 KB) pdf
List of Seed Testing Laboratory in India Download (77.59 KB) pdf
Agenda Items for National Conference on Agriculture for Kharif Campaign-2013 Download (479 KB) doc
Govt. Review on National Seeds Corporation Download (3.07 MB) PDF
Annual Report of State Farms Cooperation of India Limited Download (2.5 MB) pdf
Govt Review on SFCI Download (2.17 MB) PDF
Annual Report of Gujarat State Seeds Corporation Ltd. Download (90.63 KB) pdf
Government Review on Gujarat State Seeds Corporation Download (2.35 MB) PDF
Seed Replacement Rate Download (356.08 KB) pdf
Annual Report of National Seeds Corporation
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