Recruitment Archive

Sl. No. Title Details Last Date
1 Technical posts of Crops Division डाउनलोड (1.74 एमबी) pdf 28/09/2022
2 Vacancy of the post of Administrative Officer in CIH डाउनलोड (1.09 एमबी) pdf 20/09/2022
3 Filling up one (01) post of Deputy Commissioner (Cooperation/Credit) in Level-12 of the Pay Matrix on Deputation (ISTC) basis - reg. डाउनलोड (4.97 एमबी) pdf 07/09/2022
4 Filling up 02 posts of Additional Commissioner (Crops) on deputation (ISTC) basis. डाउनलोड (723.59 केबी) pdf 07/09/2022
5 Filling up one (01) post of Additional Commissioner (INM) in Level-13 of the Pay Matrix by Composite Deputation(ISTC) plus Promotion Method डाउनलोड (3.98 एमबी) pdf 02/08/2022
6 Vacancy circular for the post of Assistant Soil Conservation Officer (NRM/RFS) डाउनलोड (17.82 एमबी) pdf 14/06/2022
7 Vacancy circular for the post of Deputy Commissioner (NRM/RFS) डाउनलोड (15.88 एमबी) pdf 14/06/2022
8 Filling up Seven(07) posts of Junior Translator under Crops Development Directorates of DA&FW in Level-06 of the Pay Matrix by Deputation or Absorption basis डाउनलोड (258.5 केबी) pdf 07/06/2022
9 proposed amendments/revision in the RR of Soil Survey Officer in SLUSI डाउनलोड (951.87 केबी) pdf 02/06/2022
10 Vacancy Circular and Bio-data for the post of Deputy Commissioner(Crops) डाउनलोड (2.48 एमबी) pdf 31/05/2022


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